EU 305/2011

  • In a guidance publication issued by the standards committee of CEN which is called CEN TC 305 Balustrades are clearly identified as requiring certification where they are installed as protection from an open edge. (Edge protection)
  • These items can be decorative but are designed to provide mechanical resistance against loading in the event of an accident or fall.

Examples of Balustrades and guard rails that require CE marking

The examples above show instances where the Balustrade is mechanically attached to the main structure and has a designed load resistance according to Eurocode 1991-1. These components provide edge protection and prevent falling from height. These types of Balustrade should be subject to CE marking under BS EN 1090-1.

It is also important to note the requirements of the Building Regulations section K for this product type and conformity assessment.

Examples of Balustrades that do not require CE marking

The bottom three photos also show Balustrades, but as can be seen, the installation offers only decorative or access control and does not provide a safety function. Therefore, these Balustrades do not require CE marking.

EU 305/2011 and UK Legal Requirements

  • The construction Products Regulation was written into UK law by statutory instrument 2013 No. 1387 Building and Buildings.
  • Further details of the legal requirements are given in The Building Regulations approved document 7 Materials and Workmanship.
  • Regulation 7 of the document make the mandatory provision for CE marking.
  • The requirements for Balustrades are given in approved document K of the building Regulations Protection from Falling Collision and Impact.